3-MMC Crystalline 1

3-MMC Crystalline 1 – 3- Methylmethcathinone

The new boy wonder. A lot of talk and buzz is surrounding this new chemical, that we import from the finest of plants. Large crystals, pure quality. If you have not tried this, you should at least once. It produces the finest results for many means.

Please note:
Another Idea will not ship products to countries where they are not legal. Please verify in advance if it is legal to import this product. Another Idea is not responsible for issues arising from importing 3MMC into a country where it is not legal.

Law notice:
We do not ship 3-MMC Crystalline to: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Finland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Russian Federation, Slovenia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

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Product SKU price Price per gr/units  
3-MMC Crystalline 0.5 gr sample 2160-CR-00s €7.50 €18
3-MMC Crystalline 1 gr. 2160-CR-001 €18 €18
3-MMC Crystalline 1gr. 2160-CR-001 €18 €18
3-MMC Crystalline 2gr. 2160-CR-001 €18 €16
3-MMC Crystalline 2 gr. 2160-CR-002 €34 €17
3-MMC Crystalline 5gr. 2160-CR-002 €34 €13
3-MMC Crystalline 5 gr. 2160-CR-005 €75 €15
3-MMC Crystalline 10gr. 2160-CR-005 €75 €11
3-MMC Crystalline 10 gr. 2160-CR-010 €140 €14
3-MMC Crystalline 25gr. 2160-CR-010 €140 €9